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What is qcard?

A Q-card is a digital package that encapsulated your public contact information. It includes information, such as: logo, web site, phone number, e-mail, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, etc... You can exchange Qcards, they can be either sent or received through of social network, e-mail or directly using NFC technology. If the recipient is not a Qcards user, do not worried, it can be visualized on a conventional browser.

Why join Qcards?

The Qcards are easy of create and easy of edit. You can link all your contact info social networks, email, phone, geo-point.. etc.

Qcards works in the cloud, if you edit your contact details, these changes will be seen by the people who collect your qcard.

Quick and easy to share by just sending a link through social network, e-mail, Whatsapp, NFC, etc.

The recipient of a qcard do not need to have installed the app. They can view the HTML5 luxury version of your qcard in the browser of any device.

With qcards you can create and manage groups to organize your contacts.

The HTML5 version of your qcard include a contact form with a reCatchat box to avoid spam bots. The message will be received directly to email address that you set.

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